Academia from all over the globe will be coming together to challenge the current state of consumer consumption and drive innovative solutions forward. Join us and be a part of the change.


Over the last two decades, much effort has gone into developing strategies to reduce waste and emissions in products, systems and the urban environment. Accelerating rates of consumption and discard, however, continue to undermine many of these larger efforts. It is clear that we need new systems-based approaches to reduce rising levels of resource consumption and energy use in order to implement a more equitable and environmentally sustainable society and economy.

Building upon our first conference, Unmaking Waste: Transforming Production and Consumption in Time and Place (May 2015), Unmaking Waste 2018 addresses the following themes from a similarly multidisciplinary perspective:

  1. Eco-Design and Development:
    Designing and managing objects, buildings, precincts and systems to reduce resource and energy use, and increase environmental and human well-being.
  2. Sustainable Consumption:
    Transforming consumption and service provision, including marketing, to better suit a resource-constrained, environmentally challenged world.
  3. Waste Minimization:
    Reducing waste and pollution at all scales, in all domains and activities, and transforming waste and pollution into states of greater value for reuse.
  4. Circular Economy:
    Optimizing social, material and economic relations to further the goals of the Circular Economy, including product and environment life-extension, reuse and repair.


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