Stuart Walker on Radical Design for Sustainability…

A look at the huge global changes that have happened over the last few centuries and how to get back on track. Professor Stuart Walker is Director of Design and Co-Director of the ImaginationLancaster creative research lab at Lancaster University, UK.

He is also Visiting Professor of Sustainable Design at Kingston University, UK, Associate Professor at Ontario College of Art and Design University, and Emeritus Professor at the Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary, Canada. His practice-based research, which combines writing with propositional artefacts, has been published and presented internationally and his conceptual designs have been exhibited at the Design Museum, London, across Canada and in Italy. His books include: Sustainable by Design; Enabling Solutions, with Ezio Manzini and Barry Wylant; The Spirit of Design; and the forthcoming Handbook of Design for Sustainability co-edited with Jacques Giard.

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