Presentations 2020

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Professor Veena Sahajwalla, UNSW 
Microfactories ™ : Our Secret Weapon in the War on Waste     

Brooke Donnelly, APCO  
Working towards reducing the environmental impact of packaging in Australia

Professor Robert Costanza, ANU
The True Costs of Production and Consumption 

Dr Brandon Gien, Good Design Australia
The Greatest Design Challenge of Our Time 

Dr Robert Gianello, Planex
Waste powder coat powder: diversion from landfill to the circular economy

Vaughan Levitzke, Green Industries SA
Recyclable, clean and green, biodegradeable, sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly, and consumes no oxygen

Parallel Sessions

Theme: Environmental Impacts – Policy & Assessment

Dr Ian Overton, Deputy CE, Green Industries SA
Measuring the Circular Economy – towards company and product metrics to empower consumers

Rose Read, Director and Co-Founder, Ewaste Watch Institute
Next Level Policy Shifts to Address Electronic Waste in Australia

Prof. Eileen Webb, UniSA
What happens to end-of-life solar PV panels and why does it matter? Developing a legal and policy framework regulating the efficient and environmentally sustainable elimination of solar PV waste

Janet Salem, PhD Candidate, University of Sydney and Programme Officer, UNEP
Policies towards sustainable lifestyles in Asia


Theme: Consumer Knowledge – Improving Transparency

Dr Aaron Davis, UniSA
Blockchain-based transparency in the building industry: A potential symbiosis between BIM, LCA and DLT

Anthony Peyton, Director, PREP Design
PREP: increasing transparency of packaging recyclability

Genevieve Cother, Business Development Manager, The Action Learning Institute,
What SME manufacturers want: communicating environmental impacts to non-specialist product designers

Dr Robert Crocker, UniSA
Transparency and the Paradox of Growth


Theme: Everyday Products – Transparency in Food Systems

Dr Zoe Doubleday, ARC Future Fellow, Future Industries Institute, UniSA
Establishing a global framework to trace the provenance of seafood and combat fraud – can we do it?

Charles Ling, PhD Candidate, UniSA
Modelling the carbon footprints of food waste diversion options in Melbourne, Australia

Niki Wallace, PhD Candidate, UniSA
Building communities through networks of transparent food systems

Dr Li Meng, UniSA
Consumer preferences and farmer’s sustainable growth: Sustainable indicators and measurements