Our problems are both global and multi-disciplinary in origin, from the devastation of certain landscapes and the species that live in them, to the social and psychological problems emerging from consumerism and its accelerating patterns of rapid consumption and premature wasting, to the material problems derived from complex wastes like e-waste, plastics and textile wastes. We therefore encourage scholars from every nation and every relevant discipline to come together to engage with us in tackling the massive and global problems this conference is aimed at addressing.


There are many ways to get involved and be a part of the Unmaking Waste 2018 program:

Scholars from any relevant discipline across the arts and sciences can present their research and findings, as both a powerpoint and a scholarly paper / chapter to be published in our proceedings, and potentially also in one of our edited books.

Designers and practitioners can submit illustrated essays, supported by the written word, as both power-point and paper to be published in the proceedings. We would expect these to total up to 3000 words with 10-15 images only. However, these also must be original work.

Designers can also contact the organisers with design proposals for the accompanying exhibition. More on this exhibition to follow. (please write in the first instance to

Graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to come and volunteer at the conference – this will enable them to get access for free to all the parallel sessions and keynote presentations, although we regret they would have to pay for the conference dinner!