Futures Of Waste Seminar

Bradley Forum, Level 4, Hawke Building, UniSA, City West, Adelaide
12pm onwards, Thursday 8th September, 2016
This seminar is concentrated on what steps can be taken to reduce and reverse the unsustainable direction of consumerism’s waste production, on innovative ways of ‘closing the loop’, and how waste can be ‘designed out’ of our present economic system.

Special Highlights:

1. A Relaunch of China Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development, a research collaboration between UniSA and Tianjin University, China, with special guests, led by Professor Guanyi Chen, from Tianjin University, China, in attendance; and

2. A specially recorded interview with Professor Walter Stahel, a globally recognised pioneer of the Circular Economy (courtesy of UniSA’s Associate Professor David Ness). This will be followed by a roundtable discussion on the Circular Economy, and its implementation.

You can watch an edited summary of ‘The Circular Economy with Professor Walter Stahel’ here:

Or, the full-length interview is available in five parts here:

The Seminar will be followed by the Keynote Address by Professor Veena Sahajwalla (UNSW) on ‘The Role of Sustainability and Materials in the New Innovation Economy: Green Materials from Waste Resources’ (6 pm in the Allan Scott, Auditorium, Hawke Building), and the opening of the linked exhibition, ‘The Futures of Waste: photographic perspectives’, which will be opened by Mr Vaughan Levitzke, PSM, CE of Green Industries SA.

12.00    Registration, Lunch and Welcome

12.30    Relaunch of the China Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development

(Professor Simon Beecham, Divisional Pro Vice Chancellor, ITEE, and Professor Christopher Saint, Director, China Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development, Dean of Research, ITEE)

Seminar Schedule:

Chair: Prof. Kerry London (UniSA)
1.00 Prof. Em. Michael Rowan (UniSA) ‘We need to talk about Growth’
1.10 Dr Robert Crocker (UniSA, CAC-SUD) ‘Waste Making in Consumerism’
1.20 Q and A session 1
1.30 Assoc. Prof. Anne Sharp (UniSA) ‘Avoiding Waste – The Secret Life of Householders and their Bins’
1.40 Prof. Susan Luckman & Dr Jane Andrew (UniSA) ‘Crafting Waste to Wealth’
1.50 Q and A session 2
2.00 Dr Ruth Lane (Monash) ‘Framing Value in the Circular Economy: Reflections from a study of collecting organisations and commodity chains for used electronics in Australia’
2.10 Prof. G. Chen, (Tianjin U, CAC-SUD) ‘Municipal Solid Wastes to Energy in China’
2.20 Q & A Session 3
2.30 Prof. Martin Shanahan (UniSA) ‘How Economics can assist in the transition to the Circular Economy’
2.40 Dr Ke Xing and Assoc. Prof David Ness (UniSA) ‘Sustainable Product Service Systems: A Business Model to Assist SMEs to Make the Shift’
2.50 Q & A Session 4
3.00 Tea/Coffee Break
 Video commences during the break
3.30 Prof. Walter Stahel in conversation with Assoc.Prof. David Ness (UniSA)  Video continues after break
4.30 Roundtable Discussion The Implementation of the Circular Economy
5.30 Seminar Close


Followed by:

6.00    Keynote Speech: Professor Veena Sahajwalla (UNSW): ‘The role of sustainability and materials in the new innovation economy: Green Materials from Waste Resources’. Allan Scott Auditorium, Level 2, Hawke building, City West, UniSA.

7.15    Exhibition Launch: Futures of Waste: Photographic Perspectives (Speech by Mr. Vaughan Levitzke, PSM, CE of Green Industries SA). Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, UniSA.
Wine and finger-food provided.