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The Transparency Project – Call for Abstracts

The Transparency Project: Everyday Products, Consumer Knowledge and Environmental Impacts The Transparency project has just announced call for expression of interest for the seminar being held in Feb 2020! The seminar and linked publication will be focused on the problem of opacity, or a lack of evident transparency and traceability in everyday products in today’s […]

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Fetish, Design and the Fury of Disposal

Fetish, Design and the Fury of Disposal: What are the consequences of fetishization of consumption? Meet Professor Maria Cecilia Loschiavo Dos Santos one of the keynote speakers at Unmaking Waste 2018. Interview over at Finding Infinity and podcast here . Photography and interview by Ross Harding/Finding Infinity        

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What We Learn from Trash…

New York City residents produce 11,000 tons of garbage every day. Every day! This astonishing statistic is just one of the reasons Robin Nagle started a research project with the city’s Department of Sanitation. She walked the routes, operated mechanical brooms, even drove a garbage truck herself—all so she could answer a simple-sounding but complicated […]

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An Attitude Shift We All Need…

Photo: Stuart Walker, reproduced with permission. Inequality, immorality and injustice in today’s world are only too prevalent and plain to see. Enormous wealth exists alongside debilitating poverty and, invidiously, the poor and the least able are often blamed and vilified by the wealthy for their neediness. Going hand in hand with these gross disparities is […]

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