An Attitude Shift We All Need…


Photo: Stuart Walker, reproduced with permission.

Inequality, immorality and injustice in today’s world are only too prevalent and plain to see.

Enormous wealth exists alongside debilitating poverty and, invidiously, the poor and the least able are often blamed and vilified by the wealthy for their neediness.

Going hand in hand with these gross disparities is rampant environmental destruction which, in the stripping of the earth’s substance, often makes the wealthy wealthier while simultaneously intensifying the deprivations of the most disadvantaged. The engine for this, which has made contemporary societies so voracious in their procurement of natural materials, is consumerism—this is the prime mover for the creation and concentration of wealth.

The immoderate production and consumption of non-essential goods is the critical driver of our economic system and therefore can been seen as the critical driver of resource use, energy use, waste production, pollution of air, water and land, the creation of individual dissatisfaction, social disparity, inequity and injustice.

It is this system, therefore, that has to change.

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